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>> and teach brian how toy, michael. >> after the show show. >> he's in touch with his emotions. he's a great actor. >> we're going to make you cry. >> you can't make me cry. >> yes, we will in the after the show show. bye, everybody. bill: kicking off with put *. with with vladimir putin. russia sending warships into the black sea, tightening the grip around the crimean sea an sending aid to give to the government in kiev. martha: we had secretary of state john kerry arriving in
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kiev. so far president putin has reviewed to back down. >> first the assessment of what happened in the ukraine and kiev as a whole. this was an unconstitutional coup and armed seizure of power. bill: what can you tell us about the very tense situation in ukraine as of now? >> reporter: there is a heavy fog that descended over kiev on independence square. people are continuing to try to drum up moral support for their revolution that seems to be in jeopardy because of this tense situation particularly in the southern area of crimea. both sides have been incredibly disciplined in this standoff between ukrainian and military forces. but there were concerns about
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missteps. there were tense moments at the air base taken over by russian soldiers i in balaklava. they warned the ukrainian troops and said they would shoot. it was an example of how thing are on evening. in the black sea the ukrainian naval ships are blockaded by russian forces. it's a very compl -- very compld situation. russia and the ukraine worked together and now they are practically in a state of war with the russians ordering them
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off their bases. people are saying they can't come to any understanding of what is going upon because they feel brothers with the russians. they don't want to be taking their orders from vladimir putin and they can't understand how it has come to this, bill. bill: that fog in the background is a metaphor for what's happened now. amy, we'll be in touch with you throughout the day. martha: vladimir putin is inspecting his troops. 150,000 troops took to the field for mock military drills. more than 1,000 tanks, aircraft and navy ships were involved. russian military officials say the maneuvers have nothing to do with the current tensions going on in ukraine but are meant to check troop readiness. bill: ukraine's military will not be much of a match for
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russia. the russian army 850,000 strong and the ukraine has 150,000. they spend $1 billion a year but russia spends 100 times more than that figure. the ukraine is using military technology from the cold war, planes and tanks that are basically obsolete. martha: the russian invasion hit wall street hard. it plummeted 200 pounds during the day and closed down 150 points. charles, why the u.s. markets so rattled by this? >> any geopolitical instability is going to rat the our markets. when you start to say russia is involved. i'm going to be frank with you. i'm impressed we were able to climb 100 points off the low yesterday.
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it's a hughes news week i -- itk in america. but ever unnerving what's going on in crimea. martha: the wheat markets, all of that impacted. >> ukraine is the breadbasket of europe. gold had one of its best sessions in a long time and oil at $104. sooner or later it trickles back at the gas pump. every person from around the world is affected from this tension. martha: a move into u.s. bonds? >> what they call safe havens. u.s. treasuries are considered the safest commodity in the world. our ability to print money,
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wink, wink. this morning markets look like they may recover all the losses from yesterday. on one particular end we still have some rattling from putin, i think wall street will be content if it stays in crimea and doesn't spread beyond it. bill: critics of the white house talking a lot, saying a weak foreign policy emboldened russia to move in on the ukraine. >> we have a weak president in obama that inrights aggression. now is the time for the world economy to react. >> anyone who carried the common sense gene knows putin doesn't change his stripes. he harkens back to the era of the czars.
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>> it seems to me the central problem is critically important. that is america is weak, specifically the u.s. is behaving in a way that tells the world we are in decline and withdrawal. bill: we'll talk to senator john mccain about all this on what the white house should be doing to get russia to back down. sarah palin later. her comments getting lot of attention. martha: lots more coming up this morning. another fox news alert. bill: president obama unveiling his budget to congress. that's includes $50 billion to fight the so-called war on
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poverty, things republicans say simply do not work. what is the president trial to sell? >> this is an elect year budget and both sides will be exchanging salvos. he's making the case, income inequality, minimum wage and income benefits. republicans who have been shy about talking about poverty now have shift. paul ryan, marco rubio and others saying the war on poverty started by lyndon johnson many years ago has not worked. and putting more money into these government programs is not the answer. but this budget is basically not going anywhere. we are talking about politic. bill: you are selling message, and policy in election year. but paul ryan is forceful. we have thrown a lot of money at
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the program in a decade and what have the americans gone the for it. >> these are the two players who will be big today on these issues. palm ryan made the case, if you look at the percentage of people in poverty, since the war on poverty started it's not gone down that much. that will be the battle line. remember the president is saying the economy is on the upswing and at the same time saying so many people are in poverty and republicans saying this is the president's second term, not second term. bill: but the president is asking for new spending. where do you get that money? >> the whole issue as you know, bill, the grand bargain, retirement reform, big tax deal, that's not happening. so this is money that is not going to be allocated.
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republicans in the house will block this request by it's all about the election because policy-wise this is not going anywhere. bill: appreciate your time out of d.c. for viewers at home, what do you think? is washington serious about its budget? will it ever balance its books? send us your tweets @marthamaccallum and bill hemmer. martha: people who like their plans maybe can actually keep them. is this latest delay because of the mid-term elections that are looming? bill: a smartphone that makes your phone useful to the bad guys. >> there goes a couple of plows demonstrating what i said, hitting us. there you go, there goes another
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and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. martha: evenings said to be rising on the korean peninsula. north korea is said to have fired seven shells into the ocean and they launched six missiles previously. bill: another day and another delay on obamacare. the change would prevent another wave of insurance cancellations across the country that would otherwise happen just before. >> d just before
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election day. the employer mandate of 2015. online enrollment for small businesses not available until late this year. and the employer mandate for medium sized based won't kick in until 2016, two years from now. jonah goldberg need. >> flow chart. it seems like we have been here before. >> groundhog day jokes are overdone these days. but i felt like "i got you, babe" should have been on my clock radio. all of obamacare has been delayed for anybody who doesn't speak english because none of those second language sites have worked yet. one of the most amazing things on the hill about this is no one
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they talk to was surprised. no one in the health insurance industry. every one was sort of like of course this administration is going to kick this can down the road. you can't have cancellation orders going out a month before the elections. bill: on the calendar march 31, today is the 4th of march. march 31 was that deadline about getting 7 million americans signed up. based on everything we can tell so farther far short of that number of 7 million. is there evidence that these delays help democrats or hurt democrats? >> well, i think they help democrats to the extent they make a bad situation a little less bad. i don't think that they actually help in the sense that all of a sudden people are going to start voting for democrats because they are trying to do to triage
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on an incredibly messed up rollout of this signature domestic achievement. it would have been worse if cancellation letters went out right before the mid-term elect. but if i were putting out these ads about obamacare, i would sart segueing from the horror stories of individual people and start moving to the fact that all of this is just creates a sense of chaos and uncertainty. the whole point of people wanting healthcare reform is they have more certainly in their lives. all this hand kicking creates an sense of total uncertainty and chaos. bill: anxiety, too. healthcare is such a personal thing. we did a fox poll and we wanted
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to find out from americans would the healthcare law pass? 64 per se it will not pass. does it help diffuse the impact of obamacare or does it help define and highlight the issues with the law. >> i think a little of both. it's like being hugely in debt and getting 90-day delay on the debt. you get a breather. this gives the democrats maneuvering room in the tight senate races to say we are working on it, see you haven't lost your plan yet. but for all these people trying to make plans. people just trying to get on the website trying to figure out how to deal with their own family's health problems it doesn't take the anxiety away and it does not bestow a sense of confidence in the competence and professionalism of the white house or of the democratic party. so i don't think it takes the problem of obamacare away from
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the democrats but it takes away a little bit of the pressure. >> the latest -- you are 6.2 right now. the latest delay will delay further cancellations so the white house clearly must be aware of the political impact and political damage in the headlines that can be damage to some of these borderline democrats, especially the ones in the red states. >> that won't delay the small businessman date that could have led to tens of millions cancellations for people's healthcare. that's still in the pipeline. it's just going to come after election day. bill: we'll see what happens tomorrow. anyone's guess, see you soon from washington. martha: it's back from its dark gray. priceless corvettes. all of those corvettes fell into the sinkhole.
6:20 am
there is hope. how many more are down there? we'll tell you. bill: is your smartphone make you a target for a thief? >> what we need is a kill switch that enables you to clean the information off your phone and cancel it like a credit card once its stolen. very simple.
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bill: some classic cars being pulled from the ground after being swallowed by a sinkhole. this is the first of eight classic corvettes rescued after they fell through the showroom floor in kentucky. the priceless cars fell into a
6:24 am
40-foot hole hours before the museum opened. general motors saying they will repair all of them and make sure they get back to form. martha: lawmakers want to make you're cell phone less desirable to thieves. look at some of this video we have of people getting their phones ripped off in this violent wave. it would require all companies to equip smartphones with a kim switch that would make it useless when it's out of your hand. >> reporter: cell phone thefts costs consumers billions of dollars every year. the question? what to do about it. the idea of a so-called kill switch that would render the phone inand rabble is not knew but it's gaining momentum.
6:25 am
lawmakers say it's time to implement legislation that would make a stolen cell phone or tablet less to thieves by allowing the owner to deactivate the device. an 18-year-old was shot and killed for her cell phone. >> i heard about our cell phone someone tried to steal over the weekend. people are attacked on subway trains or attacked at bus stops. >> reporter: cell phone deaths accounted for 20% of all crimes in new york city. cell phone thefts are the single largest property theft crime in the country. martha: what do the critics say. >> reporter: opponents say
6:26 am
they fear there is potential abuse by the government. intelligence agencies already listen to our phone calls. what if they have the ability to turn off the phones? critics say consumers should decide for themselves if they want a kill switch. apple has a similar device on phones. implementation of a kill switch on cell phones seems likely but the question is if they will voluntarily do this or be required to do so by federal law. martha: if people want that application, as we said the i phone already hates. it's not something i would worry about. but it is something i would think about more now.
6:27 am
bill: people reporting all the time people ripping phones out of their hands. it happens. the first day of spring is only a few weeks away. that's what at calendar says. this is deep in the american south bringing traffic to a standstill. this winter season is not over by a long shot. martha: continuing coverage of the crisis as it unfold in ukraine. we'll speak with senator jim inhofe as russia sends warships into the black sea. we are going to talk about whether america should be involved. >> we are witnessing an aggressive dictator, a thug and bully dismantling a major european country, ukraine. ♪
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no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ bill: extreme weather alert. very cold start to the month of march causing slick road conditions outside dallas. look at the icy roads making a mess of traffic. backing up traffic for 15 miles. after self hours some of these drivers gave up and you found the nearest hotel. >> you couldn't go any farther. it was starting to get dark. it was bad enough in the light. >> it did damage to our car,
6:32 am
spinning off. we need to get off and get a room for the night. bill: the below-freezing temperatures keeping the highways frozen solid. martha: president vladimir putin making his first comments on the ukraine. he says russia has every right to quell what he calls a coup in ukraine. russia is sending warships into the black sea tightening their grip over crimea. colonel peters says he believes the situation is irreversible. >> the reality is vladimir putin has seized kree me a from the ukraine. it will never give it back no matter what we do. the question is will he be
6:33 am
content with crimea or will he grab the eastern third or will he grab it all. we are witnessing an agreasive dictator, a thug and a bully, dismantling a major european country, the ukraine. the world will ring its hand and the administratio admin -- the g its hands. and the administration will boo-hoo-hoo. martha: do you agree? >> i remember five years ago when obama had his first budget. i think more people should talk about this -- in his first budget i went to afghanistan so i could respond to it knowing i would get national attention on focus on this issue. he did away with our generation
6:34 am
fighter jet 22 and our lift capacity and the c-17, the future combat system and the inaccepter to base in poland. since that time he has taken $487 billion out of our military. now we are look at sequestration which will make it to the point where we are in a weakened condition. i carry around quotes by the chair mafnt joint chief of staff dempsey. he said our military will be so unready it would be immoral to use force. while this doesn't go back to rebuild our military, it doesn't solve the immediate problem in the ukraine, but it send a message we are not going to maintain this weakened condition that we never experienced before. martha: you are expressed concern about this for a long time.
6:35 am
and that vulnerable position may be what has emboldened vladimir putin at this point. you also mentioned the missile defense shield in poland and the czech republic. i want to remind everybody what president obama said when he was caught on an open mike on this issue early in this presidency. we have the words up on the screen. he said after my election i will have more flexibility. and he said okay i'll take your message back to putin. >> you mentioned the first budget he had 10 years ago, that's when he took down poe portland'. we had a missile intercept base going in there.
6:36 am
i talked to poland and said are you sure if we go along with this you won't pull the rug out from under us? and he did that in the first budget. all of our interceptors are on the east coast. now we realize iran will have that capability they are predicting by 2015 and a delivery system. so it's a level of danger, martha, that we have never been in before and we need to start rebuilding. it has got to be a wakeup call to the american people that we can't come up with the resources in places where we should. martha: last night bill o'reilly talked about this. he said this move by putin has to make the president rethink whether he's going to go forward with these military cuts that would cut our own forces to around 450,000. >> actually, 420,000. they just talked about earlier
6:37 am
on your program you talked about the size of the russians' military around 850,000. that's over and above, that's not all the army. our ground troops going down to 420,000 would be lower than it was in 1940, the beginning of the second world war. the same thing with the number of ships, down to 1915. and the smallest number of aircraft in the history of the air force. so that's what's happening right here. and people don't seem to relate to that and to the world situation right now. martha: does it change the president's take on it? given these moves by putin do you think the president might reconsider the shrinking of our military? >> i would hope so, i just don't hold a lot of hope out for that because of his past record. it's one that he should have
6:38 am
known back when he gave them a lot of warning way back when he started this disarming of america five years ago. it's just gotten worse. why should the sequestration be put on the shoulders of our military? the military portion our budget is 18% but we are suffering 50% of the cuts. and where is it going? it's going into his social programs. we are spending $41 billion on food stamps, more than we did when he took office. martha: senator, thank you. we know you have been on this for a very long time and we'll keep asking that question about whether this forced the reevaluation of this decision. see you next time. stay with fox news as the crisis in ukraine unfed. shepard smith will be reporting live from kiev. bill: a lot of drag on wall
6:39 am
street yesterday. that thing was a yo-yo, down 200 points at one point. now it's up 173. 8 minutes into trading. the thinking is because putin told his troops to stay on their bases perhaps there is relaxing to a few folks in the investment world. in the meantime our friend steve keeley had a close call with a snow plow. i'm sure he's laugh being it. he never broke his stride. that right there is a veteran. from our fox affiliate steve keeley is going to joins. martha: . congressional investigators want
6:40 am
lois lerner to come back and talk to them. >> we don't know wh -- don't knw what she has done. why would you give someone iti minity? red lobster's lobsterfest! the year's largestelection of lobst entrees like loter lover's dream or new dueling lobster tail withne crab-stuffed tail and one topped with shrimp. hurry in and sea food fferently. smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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>> after very careful consideration i decided to follow my counsel's advice and not testify or answer any questions today. bill: that was former irs commissioner lower is learner. newly released emails showing some willingness to finally testify. and that testimony might come tomorrow. congressman trey gowdy is on the oversight committee. we spoke yesterday afternoon. yesterday you said save yourself or go down in flames. will she?
6:44 am
>> i think she is. as of this morning i talked to the lawyers from oversight. we expect her to come and we expect her to testify. if she wants her side of the story out, she is going have to come tomorrow and answer our questions. bill: but there seems to be a back and forth whether it will be tomorrow or a week from tomorrow. as it stand now, based on your contact when is it? >> it's going to be tomorrow. we have all been surprised before. she may come tomorrow and she macon vincmay -- she may convine chairman she deserves another week. i don't know why she is not ready after 9 months. but i'm not going to let a week get in the way. bill: you told me yesterday her statement are false. which statement are false. >> start with that apology where
6:45 am
she blamed it on low-level cincinnati employees. that's a false statement. i'm going to use her own word to prove tomorrow that that's false. she denied the letters to jimmy jordan and chairman issa that there was a targeting scandal. we'll prove that's false. bill: will there be -- will there be immunity or will it be off the table. >> given that this is a family show i'm just going to say no. it was never on the table. she is not getting i minity. shall be shal -- she isnot gett. she wanted to be deposed as opposed to testifying. that's another analysis.
6:46 am
but she ain't getting immunity. bill: if you are convinced this did not start in the cincinnati office. where did it come from, sir? >> washington, d.c. keep in mind. you remember the state of the union where the president famously chastised the supreme court for their decision in citizens united. to their face at the state of of the union? democrats don't like that opinion. and they immediately started a project. that's not my word, that's her word. they started a project to unravel citizens united because they are tired of outside groups going after democrats. bill: that's very interesting. who is next after lois lerner? >> we have been taking depositions that are calculated to get us evidence. we have been doing depositions.
6:47 am
and that's my preferred way to do it. i think we are building a pretty good case and i think you will see that tomorrow or a week from tomorrow. bill: this was one of the exchanges of the many we have our hand on now between her attorney william taylor and some of the investigators on your committee. i can tell you we can probably move forward if the committee agrees her appearance at a deposition would satisfy any obligation she has to provide information in this investigation. for her to take the risk inherent in waiver of her amendment privilege she would need assurance she is resolving her issues with the committee. that is legalese. put that in english. >> that means we'll testify in private but not public. they are offering to do a private deposition which in some ways would be good for us as opposed to a public hearing and
6:48 am
our response is guess what? we are going to do both. bill: two final questions. do you believe you are on the verge of finally getting not all the answers, but more of the answers you have been looking for for 9 months. >> yes, sir, you will see a motive when she testifies that will explain why they did what they did. bill: it's tomorrow or a week from tomorrow? is that guaranteed? >> nothing in life is guaranteed except our demise but i'm confident we'll get access to her tomorrow or a week from tomorrow. bill: trey gowdy, thank you. martha: breaking news right now on the medicaid numbers of just how many people have signed up. they are quite interesting. stick around for those. bill: a man buried alive. an entire team working to save
6:49 am
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bill: that oscar selfie seen all around the world may have been about product placement. it was taken with samsung's new galaxy smart phone. they paid $25 million for an ad during the program and integrated the smartphone into the show as part of the deal. ellen already agreed to take selfie,s so they told her to use the samsung. but she used an iphone to
6:53 am
tweet it. the battle continues. martha: it appeared spontaneous, but apparently it was not. first this. extreme -- we'll tell you about the weekend. extreme fox weather alert. we have done about a thousand of these over the course of this winter. spring is a few weeks away. but for many of us it's brutally cold. look at these numbers. 70 degree in tampa. 57 in los angeles. but cold through the middle of the country. temperatures below normal for this time of year. here is a man who knows this better than any of us. steve our friend south there, how cold is it where you are this morning, buddy? >> it's march 4, it's suppose to be 40. but somebody in the weather
6:54 am
department left off that zero so it's 4 degree. the wind made it feel like 12-14 below zero. friday it was book ends of record cold days in between the snowstorm that we had sunday and yesterday. so record cold. just a couple weeks from spring, and i cannot wait. martha: you are waiting for that day when you say steve, i think i'll be inside covering this story. something that happened to you would back metaphor for this winter. let's take a look at what happened, steve. here we go. >> there goes a couple of plows demonstrating what i said, hitting us. martha: there it goes again. so i'm very impressed, you looked like you never budged.
6:55 am
your feet were squarely on the ground through that whole thing. >> i think it's baser in had any fear because i never saw it was coming at me. it didn't even push me a head. the plow driver said it was a bigger truck than he normally drives. this can throw it 25 feet, so we weren't stupid standing on the road but the depth perception of that shot makes it look like we were on the shoulder. we were off the road in a peach orchard and i thought safely off the road. we were in the middle of rural new jersey, the least populated county of new jersey, the bottom of the state, 100 miles south of whereu guys are sitting. we thought just in case somebody in pickup truck loses control, let's get off the road. i guess it was safe i was 25
6:56 am
feet off the road. martha: did the plow driver say he saw you there? >> he said he saw the truck and when he saw us it was too late. when you are driving a big truck like that it takes a long time to disengage the plow off the road. so there was nothing you could do. he could just tray that we were okay. he and his wife were worried. his wife was like he did a hit-and-run. martha: they are lucky it was you because you are a tough guy and you handle it just fine. you will be definitely can be years from now when you are retired you will be seeing that video over and over at your retirement party. nicely done, steve. bill: good attitude.
6:57 am
the president re-leasing his budget. we'll debate what's tonight and whether it's destined to pass congress at all. to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 rcent every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch! over time it really adds up. then go to e*trade and find out how much our advice costs. over tispoiler up. it's low. really? yes, really. e*trade offers investmen advice and guidance from dedicated professional financial consultants. it's guidance on your terms not ours that's how our system works. e*trade. less for us, more for you. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that.
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or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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>> a bit more trouble this morning for obamacare. the centers of medicare say the enrollee numbers are 3 million rather than 8 million they said they needed. we need to sort this out to see if this is good or bad news for the overall funding. we will keep an eye on this and get you the latest. and back to this morning. john kerry is in kiev with a billion in aid as putin is
7:01 am
threatening to use force. welcome to a new hour of america's newsroom. i am martha maccallum >> and bill hemmer. and president obama is weighing options with the national security team and warning russia its current action will come at a steeply price. >> this will be a costly proposition for russia overtime. now is the time to consider whether they can result to dimplomacy versus force. how soon is the white house house expected to act? >> it could be within days. the president as you noted as
7:02 am
limited options at his disposal but warning there is going to be further united states action if this continues. >> if they continue on the current steps they are, we are considering economic and diplomatic steps that will isolate russia and have a negative impact on their economy and its status in the world. >> now in the meantime, you mention the secretary is in kiev and he is talking about a billion to help the ukraine while they look at other steps. >> the president's critics say they believe this is an indictment of his administration's foreign policy prom the beginning
7:03 am
>> you have mccain calling this an ineffective foreign policy and saying that other countries think we are weak especially after the syria thing and republican lindsay graham added this: >> i think he came to the conclusion after benghazi, syria, egypt, and every he has been engaged in he is a weak and decisive leader and putin believes he is going to grab crimea and march eastward. he sees obama as weak. >> john boehner called putin a thug and acknowledged it is
7:04 am
tough. >> i want to bring in bob beckal. i want your announcement on what we should do. here is ukraine, russia, this is crimea and that is the area in question. the thing that is so valuable to putin. they have a russian base in crimea -- well, here is the base, back it up to the larger map, the reason why putin is critical about this area is this gives him a water route out to the mediterranean. you said we have to show putin we are serious, how do we do that in >> we need to write crimea off. paint them red. they have been reintegrating
7:05 am
into the russia and there is nothing we can do about it. all of the central european leaders are nervous and one thing we have as strength over russia is quality of our military. there is so many things we can do. restart the missile effort in poland and czech republic. we could drive ships in the black sea. the united states army has been in poland and we have a perfect
7:06 am
right to move in poland and we should enforce the ukraine military with anti-tanks and aircraft missiles and training teams to get their army up to snuff. these things show the united states recognizes its military and so does putin. >> will this president do any of this? or all of that? >> no. i don't see it. i talk today a friend of the pentagon and i said tell me your plans for events in central europe and he said bob, we have none. the essence of military presence is having a plan worked out with nato allies and that hasn't
7:07 am
happened. >> is this all putin wants? this peninsula? >> no, no. we are only seeing the opening of this guy. he has been a russian imperilist of his life. as you can see, senator john mccain is not happy about what the president is doing with ukraine and he is going to be here so stick around.
7:08 am
the president delivered a budget a month late. more programs for poverty is what can called for but budget hawks say they don't work if you look at them. mike emanual live. how much of this is a political document? >> the budget blueprint lays out how he would like the government to address: economic inequality. extending the earned income credit and making it permanent and helping 16 million families, a major expansion of child and dependent care credits for children under the age of five.
7:09 am
that would help 1.7 million families in 2016. the president is calling for paying for them by closing tax loopholes. >> what are the republicans saying about the projects? >> $799 billion was spent on programs like this in 2012 and they point out they are counter productive and don't encourage families to get ahead. paul ryan said quote for too long we have measured compassion by how much we spend versus people getting out of poverty. lawmakers are getting a look at the fine print of the budget which is the outline of his
7:10 am
priorities and not going to be enacted. there is a number of critics for slamming the president who for what they say looking for weak. >> we are not exercising the strength that can only be brought to you through the red, white and blue. >> and the president fail to lead in what could be a major int international crisis? >> major accident! [shots firing] >> wow. a man accused of shooting a sheriff's deputy after that dramatic police chase. why the deputies family said the woman who give that suspect his gun got off easily.
7:11 am
>> a daring rescue after a man is buried 12 feet underground. >> you could not see him because he was buried.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
>> a desperate effort to rescue a man buried alive in porland, oreg oregon. >> the hole was done right. it was just a freak accident. there may have been a sinkhole and when it pumps up it bricks through the wall. >> it took nearly four hours. an ambulance took him to the hospital. he is listed in serious condition but was alert and conscious. growing claims that the president and the united states look weak as russian president vladimer putin fluxes his muscles ukraine. putin saying they will use force
7:15 am
if need, too. but here at home critic saying he is fail to lead >> we are behaving in a way we are telling the world we are withdrawn. we created a leadership vacuum that is being filled with the putin's of the world. >> people are looking at putin like the people that wrestle the bears of the world. >> what do you make of the comments by rumsfeld and palin >> obama is suffering because of his reputation of being weak and this compounds it.
7:16 am
but the russians have been after the ukraine since the '90s. no body should be surprised by this. i wonder when people say this wouldn't happen if ronald reagan but would he step on the boarder and say get out and they say they wouldn't go in there but that is ridiculous. >> general scales said we have every right to move ships into the black sea or discuss putting the missile shield back in place. we pulled it from poland and the equipment that supported it from the czech and they are saying that gave the go-to signal. >> that missile shield is a
7:17 am
fallacy in terms of this. but let them argue this. if anybody believes putin wasn't going to take the opportunity move to the crimea is out of their minds. the question is now does he stop. is anybody willing to put soldiers on the ground? no. you can throw him out of the g-8 and g-20, that would be a start. but he has 30-40 percent of oil going to europe, most going to ukraine, if he turns the pipes off, they suffer. the polish are worried. the answer to this, and it may sound heretical, but let ukraine come to nato and give him the crimea. it is all russian. >> ralph peters says crimea is
7:18 am
over with. he has taken it >> it comes down to oil. if the europeans don't use it, they are in real trouble. he is playing from a position in strength. but he is getting himself more isolated >> i am curious what you think about hilary clinton in this? they are saying she is going to hear about the groundwork laid for putin to do whatever we wants. she will have to answer for that and benghazi. >> i am not sure benghazi is a
7:19 am
big as deal as some people do. russia has done a lot with us on terrorism. they have terrorist there and they have been working with us for long time and on trade and other issues. and the extent to which we had nuclear talks and progress has been significant. putin is an old kgb guy who wants the soviet union back. georgia and ukraine are the biggest part. i don't think he is going to leave the crimea and the people wouldn't want to leave. >> i think you remember whether all of the satellite countries broke away and the work by thatcher, reagan and the pope. this is an incredible thing to
7:20 am
think they are putting it back together. >> are they going to is the question. we don't have treaty agreements. the idea war is off the table is a mistake, not because of the crimea. but if russia decides to expand and re-create the old soviet union. that would be unacceptable to the west and then you would have potential conflict. >> thanks, bob. new testimony of the oscar pistorius murder trial and what will the defense be to keep him from prison for life? we will have a report on that and this: [wind blowing]
7:21 am
>> awful video of a sheriff's deputy shot by an ex-con. why that deputy says justice hasn't been served when we come back. back. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how areou? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirle] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ malennouncer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪
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7:24 am
freezing rain and some of the most frigid temperatures isn't stopping martigras. fat tuesday, then ash wednesday which is the start of lent. last day to endulge. >> what are you giving up?
7:25 am
>> you have 24 hours. >> probably no alcohol. >> and you always say how great you feel afterwards. >> not that you drink too much. >> because i am rolling in here hammered every morning. emotional testimony, dramatic interrupting in day two of the oscar pistorius story is watche world. what happened today? >> reporter: there was a lot of drama. the television cameras in the court area are new. o oscar pistorius is accused of killing reeva steenkamp and the
7:26 am
defense is saying it was a mistake. he wiped way tears when the injuries were described. and a witness remembering hearing the screams of reeva steenkamp before she heard the four shots. her identy was revealed by a television station and the trial was stopped after we asked for it to not be. another witness said she heard them argue for an hour before hearing the shots. on we go. >> thank you, greg. president obama's budget proposal is seeking billions to help the poor dispit anti-poverty programs don't have
7:27 am
a good statistical record. >> john barrasso is standing by. and senator john mccain is here about if he thinks americas are loosing respect. >> this is the result of foreign policy where no one believes in america's strengths anymore. feck leless
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> we want to bring your attention to this video showing
7:31 am
soldiers in ukraine approaching russian forces at a ukraine air base. of the military basis have been surrounded by russian forces. there is a firing of warning shots before they confront each other. take a look: [foreign conversations] >> how long before this turns bad, right? this is a very difficult situation. imagine american forces being surrounded by the forces of another country in our own country. a dozen russians warn them not to approach. we will get more on this as it
7:32 am
unfolds. >> that moment captures what is happening. one mistake and this goes up. president's obama budget is arriving on the hill and sparking aim from paul ryan who is taking at the aim on the poverty programs saying the war on poverty and failing the poor. john barrasso is here. i appreciate your time. the president's budget, i know you had a look at it, based on what you have seen, will it fly? >> i don't think it is going to fly. the president's previous budgets have not garnerned many votes on capital hill. the president is going to miss an opportunity to deal with the debt and deficit and entitlement
7:33 am
reform and all of those things. this president likes his government super sized. this budget will never balance. and i think the president wants taxpayers to pay more so that washington can spend more >> what i read is he is asking for million in new spending. does that go anywhere? >> i don't think it does. last time he had a budget, not even any of the democrats voted for it. his policies make it harder to get back to work. >> $17.4 trillion is the debt clock. that is ridiculous. in three years from now, you will be $19 trillion? how is that acceptable to anybody? trying balance a book in washington, d.c. >> what we will see is the fastest growing part of the
7:34 am
budget is interest on the debt. the president added $6.9 trillion in the debt. this continues to be a driving issue for the country. you know, we are not going to be able to sustain the safety net with this debt and interest. >> i think the viewers get it, too. what other republican options do we have? >> the options are to say let's deal with the issues we know get people back to work. we have a health care law that is draining millions of people off the payroll, we have an energy policy that is driving up cost, we have a tax policy that makes businesses close, we have a code that drives companies
7:35 am
overseas. >> did you see rand paul saying this is discouraging families because the more you give the less people themselves. what do you think about that? >> we have a safety net and the question is who do you help and how much. it isn't how much money you put into the program. it is how many people you help. it matters if we can get people back to work >> the whitehouse says the proposal gives 13 million american as tax cut. what was is a line drawn based on paul ryan's budget and the
7:36 am
president's budget? >> it will be responsible. it will balance overtime is what i am anticipating. it will be focused on helping people get back to work. there are not enough people working in this country. the percentage of folks working is continues to drop and it is because of the policy of this d administration. >> can you sell that message in november? >> i would rather be in our position than the president's with the upcoming elections. people are concerned about health care, what is happening with our energy policy, you have the president's former secretary of energy and interior saying the president ought to approve the keystone pipeline.
7:37 am
the president is taking the economy in the wrong direction. the american people see that. the president's popularity rate is way down and people are seeing him as not competent or trustworthy. >> we will see which set of ideas the american people buy. so it turns out the united states home prices rose a little bit in the month of january. they were up 1 percent following 3 months of decline. a tight supply might have helped boost them prices. the biggest year over year gain in over eight years. >> what do we do about russia and vladimer putin? senator john mccain had a speech
7:38 am
24 hours and joins us in a moment with his take today. >> and my house, my rules -- every parent has said it? one teenager is taking her mom and dad to court. >> your father rules and you stay home. >> i feel bad for her and her parents.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
not your normal parent teenager spat here. in a new jersey courtroom, a teenager is suing her parents for financial support. she claims they kicked her out. she is 18 and wants them to pay for her senior year at a catholic high school and college. but the family says the daughter moved on them. >> it is going to be tough for me and my wife. are there privilege tos to livi
7:42 am
under the rules? yes. >> this might open the flood gates for other teenagers to go to court and sue their parents. >> what rules was she not hap happy to live is what i want to know. >> we have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression and now is the time for the world community to act and the united states and russian to send a firm message. kick them out of the g-8 and make them feel it in their wallet. >> that was lindsay graham slamming obama for what he calls a lack of leadership. he is saying he look weak and
7:43 am
vladimer putin remains defiant and strong in his opinion. joined by one of his very strongest colleagues and friends, arizona republican, john mccain, who is on the senate arms committee. always good to have you. you said we have a feckless foreign policy. it sounds like you think this is too far gone? >> as far as crimea is concerned, it is going to be difficult to dislodge vladimer putin. there was a treaty signed by russia guaranteeing that part as being part of ukraine are in return for ukraine giving over their nuclear capabilities.
7:44 am
i am afraid vladimer putin is going to remain there. i predicted he is not going to give up the base because that is a key effort in his effort to rebuild the russian empire which has been his power. i predicted this. i am very saddened by it, but not surprised. >> there were reports that russian navy ships have blocked off the strait and they can see the small area of water between russia and crimea have built a bridge with a naval block. >> yes, and vladimer putin's statements to the press that
7:45 am
theories are neonazi and denying this is russian troops. this president believes with this reset that it will turn putin into a different person. the president said the cold war has been over for 20 years. the president may believe that but putin doesn't. he believes this is still a requirement for russia to have the near broad and that means the surrounding country of which ukraine is the crown jewel. he has parts of georgia under russia control and he is pressuring the bull baltics and now ukraine. i am wondering what he is going
7:46 am
to do earnestern ukraine. it could be provocters and others who have i-tun atonomy. and when we hear the president saying tell vladimer putin i will be more when i am elected >> why do you think the president misread this situation so dangerously? >> because the president views the world how he wants it to be, not how it is. he has ignored the signs throughout. vladimer putin has made moves and the president has ignored
7:47 am
them. he believes vladimer putin can be dealt with. and vladimer putin can be dealt with but only in the context of an individual who is bent on restoring the russian empiri empiring -- empire -- and maintaining that position. when we made the mission to bomb syria and went back, that sent a signal all over. you will see the chinese acting more aggressively as well regarding their seas. >> i spoke to a lot of people about this. and many are saying what can the president do? there is nothing that can be done. vladimer putin is going to run over crimea and may not need a battle to declare victory in what he's done. but what can be done? >> a whole now approach to vladimer putin and russia.
7:48 am
second, bring mull dovea and georgia on the path to nato. and an act that targets individual russians who are responsible for these acts of aggression in the ukraine, economic sanctionss, throw them out of the g-8 and speak up. that is what reagan's greatest strength was. thatcher said reagan won the cold war without firing a shot and he did it by standing up to people. and you might run the clip of me in 2008 saying watch russia or when he said told romney the
7:49 am
cold war has been over for 20 years. >> maybe they read that as an opening. stay us all throughout the day because the crisis is continue to unfold. shepherd smith is on the ground in kiev. 3 p.m. on the east coast and noon pacific time. >> looking forward to that later today. jenna lee is on "happening now" in the mean time coming up >> secretary kerry is expected to speak soon and the president has an event on the budget and we will listen for comments on ukraine as well. and another delay for obamacare and breaking news on the high protein diets we hear so much about. a new study you need to hear.
7:50 am
>> thanks, jenna. ready? ten minutes away? i am waiting for her. >> terrifying new dash cam -- have you seen this? a sheriff's deputy shot in the head by on ex-con, he survived, but the deputy says the person who give the suspect the gone got off easy. >> she gave a convicted felon a gun she should be just as accountable.
7:51 am
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>> stars of the new housewives of new jersey pled guilty to a deal that is sending them to prison. tresa less than two and joe minimum of three. the couples are accused of lying to the banks in order to get millions in loans and hiding assets and income while filing for bankruptcy. a women accused of buying a gun for an ex-con, a gun that killed two people, including a colorado prison chief, gets off with a light sentence. what was the sentence? >> six years was asked for the women who bought the gun for the gang member on parole but she got two years. a light sentence since it was
7:55 am
used to kill two people and nearly another. james boyd was shot three times in the face and chest and lying in pain for nearly five minutes until help arrives. >> the deputy survives. he describes the suspect's car and moments later a 100 mile per hour per suit and the driver fires at the deputies along the highway, blows a tire, crosses the median, slams into a semi, spin to spins to a stop and they unload the guns until he is dead. he was in colorado's 211 crew, a
7:56 am
dangerous prison gang. the families of the disceased think she is guilty, too, but wasn't treated so in court. here is a question: is the whitehouse playing politics with obamacare? it is a gift to democrats who face tough reelection battles in the newest delays.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: we could be there. bill: it would be fun too, wouldn't it not? martha: fat tuesday. bill: 10:00 in the morning. it is happy hour somewhere, right? like in belgium. martha: sneak in one more bill hemmer. tomorrow we start our own happy hour. bill: i think you're on to something. we have to run, everybody.
8:00 am
lent starts tomorrow in mardi gras. martha: see you tomorrow at 9:00 and "happening now" starts right now. thanks everybody. >> fox news alert on the growing crisis in ukraine. russian troops firing warning shots in the air. new concerns that the russia is reaching its military deeper into ukraine as russian president vladmir putin says he reserves the right to use force to protect those living in what he calls terror. meantime, our secretary of state john kerry is in dehe have meeting with leaders of the newly formed ukrainian government as the united states announce as one billion dollars eight package to ukraine and considers sanctions that putin says will only backfire. a live report moments from now. but first right now, breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: a major announcement from nascar star kurt bush. what he is planning to do that no driver in th

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